An Unlikely Pair

A Model & A Sailor

Ajiri is from Lagos, Nigeria. Living in Italy since 2014 as a fashion model (Click here to view her portfolio). She is also a professional DJ.

Cess is from America with a Caribbean heritage from Anguilla, the best island in the Caribbean. With a lifetime of worldwide experience and work as a Sailor, she has a unique perspective that can be seen through Blog Posts here on the Sapa Lyfe website.

Cess met Ajiri in Italy in 2021 by chance and fortune following the lock down of COVID and they've traveled the world together making a difference ever since.

"We embody the ideal combination needed to create the transformation we aspire for in both of our lives. A thrilling fusion of various cultures, the exchange of knowledge, an unwavering determination to make a substantial difference, and an attitude of gratitude and greatness that prevails through any obstacles." - Cess